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If laughter is the best medicine, Mark Lundholm is healing for the soul. He gives drug rehab, addiction and substance abuse a new treatment of their own.

Comedian Mark Lundholm in the 3-DVD series, Humor in TreatmentOnly a comedian of Mark Lundholm’s stature could pull off his charismatic mix of humor and reality. The subtext for his comedic delivery is his ability to connect with people. For anyone in addiction treatment centers or recovery from substance abuse, Lundholm expresses the common denominator of a shared humanity.

Lundholm’s brilliant comedic portrayal of addiction, razor-focused on substance abuse, is one of the greatest drug addiction rehab tools to surface in a long time.


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Mark Lundholm is a drug rehab master:  He uses laughter to transform the pain of addiction. And life.

He has “been there” and lived to tell about it. Rebounding in 1988 from the shadows of addiction, living on the street, Lundholm soon began his career Drug rehab comedian Mark Lundholm in his lecturer DVD seriesand meteoric rise as one of the funniest comedians to appear on the scene.

He began working in correctional facilities, expanding his venues to drug addiction rehab treatment centers, where he has made thousands of appearances, colleges and corporate events, professional healthcare conferences and, of course, comedy clubs. He has performed in 49 states and six countries to date. 

With credits that include a Showtime Comedy Special, Comedy Central, and Addicted . . . a comedy of substance — Zagat’s most highly recommended off-Broadway show — in his new DVD, Lundholm is at his best.

A resident of northern California, Lundholm spends well over half the year on the road, performing for captivated audiences the world over.  


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