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For an entertaining approach to the trials of addiction recovery and drug rehab, nothing comes close.

Comedian Mark Lundholm in the drug rehab DVD series Humor in TreatmentGet an inside look at the reviews from those who know best. Listen to what drug and alcohol rehab program directors and other addiction treatment professionals have to say about Humor in Treatment, the drug rehab program DVD for substance abuse by comedian Mark Lundholm. Visit our video testimonials page to hear more.

"One hour of Mark's show is
worth six weeks of group therapy."

- Lori Johnson, General Manager
Amicus House, San Jose, California

"Mark Lundholm has his finger on the pulse of the addict/alcoholic. His incredible wit, and humor, allow us to look at our past and both appreciate who we are and where we've been. He has been given the greatest gift of all: the gift of healing others!"

- Gary Fisher, Executive Director, Cirque Lodge
Sundance, Utah

"A compassionate teacher disguised as a funny
comedian . . . as we laugh we move from despair to hope.
And we begin to heal . . . "

- C. Keith Lewis, M.A., Executive Director, Horizon Services, Inc.
Hayward, California